Terms and conditions

1. The name of the project shall be “Gwadar Gymkhana” which consist of members in the club.


2. The Applicants are requested to make payment through crossed cheques or pay-order in the name of company GWADAR GYMKHANA (PVT) LTD. against receipts.


3. The application/process fee is Rs. 5,000/=, which is non-refundable.


4. The company shall open memberships of various type in the project, which are offered for sale on ownership basis.


5. The Clubs may issue membership cards to each Member, and at Member’s discretion to a Spouse with Children.


6. Different family structure will be sent for review to the concerned department and additional charges will be applied as necessary.


7. All Pakistanis and Non-Pakistanis living abroad are also eligible to apply.


8. All applications for membership shall be submitted on the prescribed form/s duly filled in and signed by the applicant.


9. The membership shall be booked on the terms and conditions prescribed on application form, Cost and payment schedule specification undertaking and the approved documents shall be signed by applicant/member which will form part of the contract agreement.


10. The allocation of Membership shall remain provisional until full payment is received by the company.


11. The applicant shall within company specified time shall make full payment of membership. If payment is not received by notified dates, the provisional allocation shall be cancelled and amount deposited by the applicant will be refunded after resale of the membership by the company and after deducting 25% of the total cost.


12. The applicant shall not sell or transfer membership, subject to written consent of the company and payment of 5% of cost of membership by the application as transfer fee.


13. The applicant shall make the payment of membership within the period specified in the company demand notice; Otherwise a late payment charge will be levied for outstanding dues. If the applicant fails to pay the dues with late payment charges within the specified period in FINAL NOTICE by the company, the allocation will be liable to be cancelled as per terms (11) of this form.


14. The member shall attend the company sub-registrar or any other official department as and when needed and called upon by the company. Failure to attend the sub-registrar office on the company intimated scheduled date by the member, an amount of Rs. 2000/- (Rupees two thousand) shall be charged as company’s service charges. All the correspondence by the company including demand notice of payment, shall be posted at the last given address of the applicant, as per record of the company. The company shall, however, not be liable or responsible for nondelivery of demand notice and other correspondence due to any reason including change of address of the applicant, (communication whereof has not been made to the company by registered post and official email).


15. Although the company would make every effort to obtain Electric, Water supply, Sewerage and Gas supply at the earliest, yet the company accept no responsibility if the supply of any of the above mentioned services is delayed by the Government Authorities.


16. The member will pay all Taxes etc., Levied Federal/Provincial Government, Local bodies and Municipal bodies or any other authorities including those existing at present and those, which may be levied by the above mentioned and/or other government authorities in future.


17. Membership will not be used for commercial purpose at all, at any time.


18. That if for any reason the project is abandoned, the company shall refund the amount received from the Members within the earliest convenience of the company. It is however, clearly understood that in such an eventuality, the member shall not be entitled to any claim as damages, interests or profits etc., of whatsoever nature.


19. All terms and condition applicable as updated from time to time by the Managing Committee, Gwadar Gymkhana.




a) All installment will be payable starting within 4 weeks from the date of membership approval.


b) The membership shall remain provisional, until full and final payment is received by the company