Membership Fee

Membership is available for 1000 founder members only.

The first 500 founder membership fee is as followed:
Foreign nationals: Rs. 1,000,000/-
Pakistan nationals: Rs. 750,000/-
Pakistan nationals (Balochistan Resident): Rs. 650,000/-
After 500 members, the founder membership fee will increase by 40%

Contact us for further information:
UAN: (92-92) 111-947-111
Phone: +92 35308423-25, +92 35308309-11
Mobile: +92 321 3700562-63


Gwadar Gymkhana is a social club which benefits it's members with sports, entertainment and leisure. Members in future can also have access to other clubs within Pakistan and internationally through their membership in Gwadar Gymkhana.

Higher preference and superior voting rights will be offered to those classified as Founder Members of Gwadar Gymkhana.