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Haji Muhammad Iqbal Baloch was always a very keen supporter and a close associate of Pak-China friendship. He played a pivotal role representing Pakistan on numerous high level meetings between the Chinese and Pakistani Government. On 9th June 1965 he welcomed Chou-En-Lie, an architect of China, to Pakistan. During the visit he had thorough discussions with the Chinese premier on fostering more close relations between the two states.

As the name suggests, Gwadar Gymkhana will be the only elite club affiliated to the leading clubs of Pakistan. The relaxed ambience of the city will make it an ideal place for you and your family to enjoy. The club house will contain all the brightest facilities which are available in the world leading clubs and resorts with the commitment of maintaining respect, privacy and dignity of all individuals. The club will offer Restaurants, Conference Hall, Business Clubs, Luxurious Rooms, Health Clubs, Departmental Stores and other Club House facilities. It will also provide entertainment and sport facilities for all ages. In addition to that, boating and sea sports facilities for Gwadar Gymkhana will be available at the beautiful beach of Kalmat. As Gwadar will be the next global commercial hub, Gwadar Gymkhana will be the center for all activities, events and get-togethers. The construction of this visionary project will start very soon.

Ahmed Iqbal Baloch - CEO Visionary Group

Allah Almighty has blessed us with the most beautiful land on Earth. Pakistan possesses the maximum potential with its numerous resources. Gwadar, the dream of my father, Haji M. Iqbal Baloch (Late), is now a reality. Gwadar, the center of geo-economics, the global commercial hub and the new energy corridor is the future of Pakistan. For a new face of Gwadar, higher standards are required and Visionary Group is working hard to set the bar higher. Designed to perfection by international consultants, our projects are the place to live and invest. I assure every Pakistani that the great potential of Gwadar will brighten the future of Pakistan. Let’s ensure prosperity for our future and the future of generations to come.